our purpose


We are committed to nurturing your success. We believe in life-long learning and hope to share information that will inform people of new research, literature, and services that may support easier life transformations. Let us use what we know to help make life easier for you. We are available for consultations, event coordinating, and support services.


We inspire others when we are willing to share our stories. When we share we are giving others permission to share their own stories which shows us that we are all more alike than we are different. It also reminds us that there are others who have similar experiences and reminds us that we are NEVER alone. If you would like us to speak at an event or share our story please use the contact information provided.


We are constantly overwhelmed with information. There are times when we agree to things because we do not know the consequences or implications of the information we have been given. We want everyone to make informed choices so let us advocate on your behalf. If you need help organizing appointments, treatment schedules, and support services please click the booking link. Let us help you navigate the overwhelming world of medical diagnosis, family support services, and community needs.