What is the polka dot blanket project?

I have always had a “special” blanket but when I was given my polka dot blanket 20 years ago I felt like I found a new friend. My blanket has gone to college with me, it has traveled the world to places such as Paris, Greece, the Caribbean islands, and so on. My polka dotted blanket has kept me warm at night and been there for me to cuddle in after a long day at work. My blanket also comforted and covered me as I went through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. I have learned that my blanket is a metaphor for God’s love and protection over my life. I want to share the covering, comfort, and love that my blanket has given me with others. Follow Nia’s journey as she becomes a character in my series: Nia and the Adventures of the Polka Dotted Blanket.


The Polka Dot Blanket Project

Now I Am Nia’s first independent charity.

Baskets of blankets will be delivered to children’s hospitals. Blankets will be packaged with encouraging words and provided for FREE to patients. Donors can choose to donate a blanket in honor of someone (as seen in photos below). Click here to donate.



Coming Soon…

Apparel, Books, Gifts, and more.