Who killed Nipsey Hussle?

“I just didn’t quit, its my only distinguishing quality … I went through every emotion trying to pursue what I’m doing. I think what will separate whoever is trying to go for something is never quitting and taking the stance that I’m willing to die behind whatever I’m trying to get.”

-Nipsey Hussle

This post was supposed to be a reflective post about my visit to my alma mater Hampton University this weekend. I planned to write about who I was and how it has made me who I am. On my way home while writing, my brother told me Nipsey Hussle was shot and later he died.  Listening to Nipsey’s interview about him pursuing his different business ventures showed me that we are more alike than I thought. The quote above really confirmed my thoughts about starting a business after experiencing trauma. Never quitting is an amazing legacy to leave. I hate that he died. Here are my raw and unedited thoughts about it: 

I am a triggered by the passing of activist, father, husband, rapper Nipsey Hussle. I was not very familiar with his music but I did recognize him as an activist and a man who appeared to love his woman and children. He was killed. By his own people in his own neighborhood. He was killed by the very people and in the very place he tried to help. It is so sad and disgusting.

I feel responsible because I am a part of this culture of hip-hop, “woke’ness,” and blackness. How are we allowing this to continue without consequence? How are we THIS advanced with technology but murders are being unsolved? How is this “normalized” to us?

These are scary times. I watched the surveillance of him being killed. I did not want to but I was drawn in to see it. It made me sick. Physically ill because he looked shocked, afraid, and NOT ready to die. What bothers me MOST is there is an entire family and culture that is changed because of this murder. Children without a father who will grow up sad and potentially angry. Friends of his who will want retaliation. A wife who is widowed and without her love. It’s all bad.

When does it stop? Who is to blame? How do we make it better?

I wish I knew. I wish I could make it all stop. I wish I could “Make Americans LOVE each other.”

I have so many ideas but the one that sticks out the most is to change the way we use social media. Social media is an amazing tool to help us all feel connected but there is a missing piece and that is love. Social media has created a spirit of competition, jealousy, envy, lust, and competition. We should be using it to share authentic love, hope, inspiration, faith, and testimonies. We are misusing what we have been given. I am guilty. I follow celebrity gossip and get lost for hours following people’s relationships and rolling my eyes at posts and comments. I do it too so why am I so angry?

I am angry because at my core I am a good person. I don’t post things to hurt people or to stalk them or to tell lies. I don’t share humiliating things about people nor do I comment and instigate things that hurt people but the internet have plenty of people who do. Trolls have made social media an abusive place.

So…. Who killed Nipsey Hussle? We may find out IF someone wants to be the hero of this story. We may NOT find out if someone is too scared to be labeled a snitch - either way … he is gone and someone from our community killed him which means WE killed Nipsey Hussle. We did. His blood is on all of our hands because we had a responsibility as a community to fix our culture a LONG TIME AGO but we keep sweeping things under the rug and normalizing murders of black men BY black men. It is disgusting.

We are affected by generational poverty and YES we are mistreated in society BUT there are some things that ARE in our control. Nipsey understood that. He understood that being poor did not mean you had to be IGNORANT. It does not mean you have to STAY POOR. It DOES NOT MEAN you do not have to take care of your community just because its poor too. Nipsey understood that. He tried to share his knowledge with us and we STILL missed it. Someone killed him because of jealousy and because their pride or ego was more important than a life. This obsession with attention is the new slavery. We are bound and chained by the addiction to likes, comments, and followers. It is sad.

If you are someone like me who has any form of anxiety, insecurities, or if you are just plain nosey … you may want to reconsider your relationship with social media.